Thursday, August 17, 2006

Can't We All Just Get Along?

At my other home I have a lot of "friends" who post for me. Of course, some think this is an indication of some mental issues I may have. To try and dispel some of these thoughts, I am going to keep this blog pure WHW.

Noticed the other day that the President of Iran has his own blog, (you may need to click on the English version to read this...If not, you likely are unable to read this.).

While I am far from a political activist or someone who likes to discuss politics, this blog has been chewing at me since I spent time reading it the other night.

Yes, I seem to pick up some hostility toward America in his writings. But, he should be free to express himself....just as I am free to express myself. And here are some of my expressions:
  1. How about a 50 Facts about Mahmoud Ahmadenijad?? Favorite color, favorite food, where he gets his hair cut? You know....important stuff.
  2. I really like the poll question. My answer was in line with the majority...sweet. I would like to see some questions with a little less political, who do you think will win the AL East this year?
  3. Overall, the site is nicely done...but I think one commenter is correct that the font should be larger. I had a hard time making out "Great Satan USA" in a couple spots.
  4. I like his idea to keep the next post a bit smaller and simpler....although a 15 minute time limit might be a bit too constrictive.
  5. I would like the "comment posting" section to be translated to English when I request the body of the post to be translated. I really want to make sure I know what I am doing when I hit the لطفا يك آيتم را انتخاب نماييد button.
  6. I like the fourth picture in his photo library. Nice gestures.
  7. RSS feed is a nice touch. Lets me know when the blog is updated.
  8. Maybe he could start a second blog on MySpace and show his lighter side.
  9. Wouldn't it had been cool to have had controversial leaders in the past blogging?
  10. I think he should add some multimedia to the site. Something as simple as the national anthem would do wonders for the site.

Since I know a lot of current world leaders read my blogs, I encourage them all to embrace this method of communication. Come on Hu Jintao, Hosni Mubarak, and Vladimir Putin....get a blog going.

Finally, my only word of advice to the President is that hate can only sell for so long. I strongly suggest he explore other types of a good potty post. Only a suggestion.

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