Saturday, August 19, 2006

I Agree To Disagree With Myself

A personal Point-Counterpoint.

BTW: This probably isn't helping me shake the perception others have that I may be a bit unbalanced. Oh well.....


People Really Annoy Me
by WHW
Television I try to be nice. I try to get along. I try to "live and let live". But, as hard as I try, certain people do certain things to annoy the heck out of me.

There aren't a lot of things that bug least I don't think there are. So, as a public service, here are some of my "buttons":

  1. When I park at work, I usually park several spaces away from most. That is because I don't like to be rushed getting out of my car, getting my stuff out of my car, etc. I HATE IT when someone sits impatiently waiting to pull in next to me..when there is half a freakin' lot to park in.
  2. I work in a building away from the corporate headquarters. So, frequently I have meetings at corporate that I will drive to. Since parking is an issue, people are seemingly always circling around waiting for a close spot to open. I HATE IT when people slowly creep behind me as I walk to my car. Perhaps they could roll down their window, and ask me where I am parked!!?? Or better yet, park farther away and get some stinking exercise.
  3. I have no problem with someone who is passionate about a topic...even when I disagree with them. I respect passion. I HATE IT when that same person is completely intolerant of others who are passionate about the opposite opinion.
  4. Simple rule in my world...a person's job has no affect on how much respect I give them. So, if a person waits tables at Olive Garden, washes tables at Burger King, dumps trash cans at work, bags my groceries at Krogers, makes my wonderful cappuccino, etc...I will say please, thank you, and give them appropriate respect. I HATE IT when someone looks down at another simply because their paycheck is bigger than that person's.
  5. While on the subject of waiting tables, if a waitress/waiter is working hard, but the food you get sucks, it is likely not their fault. Tips for them should be based on their service. I HATE IT when people punish the person waiting their table for food that the cooks didn't prepare properly.
  6. I HATE being interrupted.
  7. And finally, I have neighbors who have two very large dogs. No problem with that. The problem creeps up when they walk the dogs and let them deposit a few nuggets in my yard. They pretend to pick it up, but they don't. My shoes or one of my kids' shoes verifies that. I HATE IT when people let their pets "fertilize" others' yards...right in front of them. In my specific case, the airhorn is still somewhat effective.


I Really Annoy People
by WHW
Television I know what you are thinking..." WHW. How could anyone be annoyed with you???". I want to be fair here, so I am going to list out some of the things I know annoy others. Some are what I think annoys people...others are what people have told me annoys them.

  1. I laugh a lot. I get very jittery when I have to be serious for more than an hour at a time. I end up making jokes to myself to lighten my load.
  2. I am not good at delegating work. I tend to try to do everything myself. Not because I think I am better than everyone else....I just hate asking someone else to do something.
  3. When someone is being an a$$ in front of me, I almost always make fun of them to their face. I think this annoys both that well as people around us. They would just like the person to go away. Where I usually trigger an all out debate.
  4. I make noises when I read. Not saying the words out loud....I usually hmmm, mumble, or whistle. I can't just read. I know this annoys people.
  5. I refuse to make a decision when it comes to where we (my family) eat when we eat out. This drives one unnamed person in my family bonkers.
  6. I like to slowly think things over and decide an action. My deliberate approach really annoys many of my coworkers.
  7. When I know something "funny" about someone, I kid them about way too much.

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