Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ideas and Stuff

Weekends at home are cool. Lots to do. This weekend includes a visit from my sister and her family, a major swim meet for JR, JR's 14th birthday, and the construction of a new swingset for the two youngest.

So, here are some thoughts, observations, ideas from the first part of the weekend.
  • MM, thanks for the call, dude. It is always cool to chat with my buddy from SD. Get the board out, man.
  • My sister has three daughters. I am not sexist, but there is big differences between girls and boys. Nothing wrong with that.....
  • JR kicked some rear at the pentathlon he raced in today. First place in his age group. Helped his team get an overall first. For a small town, we did pretty good.
  • Happy b-day, JR!

Now, for the ideas. As I mowed the yard today I started getting some ideas. Cool ideas. I am going to share with everyone. Anyone who wants to run with them, go right ahead.....just think of your buddy WHW if they make it to the big time :)

  1. I like to use the Matchlite charcoal....the stuff that already has lighter fluid on them. My idea, put a ziplock top on the bag. It will help keep the charcoal easy to lite. The dog food I buy has it...and it helps keep it fresh.
  2. A memory foam toilet seat. It would conform to each person's seat end, allowing for a more comfortable experience.
  3. A bathroom fan that periodically dispenses air freshner.

Based on feedback, Spike, Sal, and Aunt Potty will begin posting next week. The fun just gets better.

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