Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just Another Reason I Am Like I Am

Many times I am approached by friends, co-workers, family, my wife, etc and asked, "Why are you".

Excellent question! Much of my personality was shaped by what I watched on tv as a youngster. And, through the greatness of YouTube, others can now travel back in time and bear witness to some of the most "influential" shows.

Keep in mind that, growing up we only had three tv channels. One was a CBS channel, one was a PBS channel, and one was an independent channel out of Indianapolis. So, my choices in shows were limited. CBS...typically too grown up, PBS....typically too intelligent, independent....perfect.

Much of what I watched is long gone from my memory. However, one show continues to stand out in my mind. Every Saturday night, from 10:00 - midnight was a locally produced monster movie show called "Sammy Terry".

Sammy was the host. He was a ghoul who had little acting skills. He had a few co-stars, including a rubber spider named George who's fishing string was never really hidden.

I loved watching Sammy. I was part of his fan club. I had a Sammy Terry t-shirt as well as an autographed picture.

Until a recent chat with an old friend from my neighborhood, I would have thought my chances to watch any Sammy Terry were long gone. Then, my friend mentioned that there were Sammy clips on YouTube. Technology once again comes to the rescue.

I submit for your review a few of my favs....

  1. This one is from his 10th anniversary extravaganza (which I remember watching). Note the high brow introduction.....
  2. Here is another from his 10th. I like it because one of the celebrity call-in congrats is none other than Dick The Bruiser, "The World's Most Dangerous Wrestler".
  3. I like this one for two reasons. First, it has the standard 70's/80's contest (send a post card with name, address, etc). Second, he is using his clout to pitch the Indy 500.
  4. This final clip is just pure ST.

After watching these clips, is it any wonder I ended up like I did?

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