Monday, May 05, 2008

Soul Mate

As I quickly approach my 20th wedding anniversary, I am frequently reminded how/why we have been able to stay together for so long.

It's not because I am very easy to live with. It's not that I am a world class romantic. It's not that I am an extremely hard worker at home.

You see, love is about understanding and acceptance. Understanding and acceptance of the others' specific "uniquenesses". For my lovely wife sees me for what I am (a goofy, childish, dork) and accepts me as that.

Perfect example: she recently went along as a chaperone on one of our son's band trip to Washington D. C. Upon returning home, she gave each of the kids their new tshirt. Knowing I would likely mope around if I didn't get anything, she handed me a special gift she said screamed me when she saw it. She only asked that I not put it on my car.

Fair goes on my bookcase at work.

Thank you, honey :>)

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