Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Was This Really Necessary?

Tuesday was one of those days.  One of those, "why oh why" days.  One of those, "I hope someone up there is laughing" days.

  • 5:15 am - alarm goes off.
  • 5:35 am - after listening to some of the worst country music of all time I discover the clock radio  doesn't shut off by itself.
  • 5:40 am - Hit the showers
  • 5:45 am - Done.  Yes, a 5 minute shower.  I get son #2 up.  He goes to a school that starts at 7:00 am.
  • 6:00 am - Make son breakfast.  Actually fry a couple eggs and make toast.  
  • 6:25 am - Depart for school
  • 6:50 am - Drop son off at school
  • 7:05 am  - Drop work laptop off at building where it will be fixed.  It went belly up on me right as I was to get a great product installed.  
  • 7:18 am - Drop off dry cleaning
  • 7:22 am - Decide the car needs a washing.  While getting gas decide to add on the cost of the "supreme".  Not cheap, but decide to live large.
  • 7:26 am - Pull right up into the wash (must be my lucky day)

So far, pretty good.  Now is when it gets a bit gamey....
  • 7:27 am - As the first power blast goes by the driver's door, I notice some water splashing in.  No biggie....
  • 7:27 am - Roll window down to make sure it shuts tight (bad, bad idea).
  • 7:28 am - Discover window is now "off its track".  Second water blast is just beginning at passenger headlight.
  • 7:28 am - 2 efforts to simply roll the window up are unsuccessful.  Second blast now just passing driver's headlight.
  • 7:28 am - A futile "NO!!", followed by a complete soaking.  Small amount of soap tossed in, although it was not on the soap cycle.  Thanks, you p.o.s. car wash!
  • 7:29 am - Succeed in manually aligning window so it will roll up....just as the "RainX" step is beginning.
  • 7:29 am - flip the bird to the soaker as it passes my window.  Continue wiping up water with dirty napkin off of the floor.
  • 7:32 am - Car wash completes
  • 8:00 am - arrive home
  • 8:01 am - share story with family, lots of laughs...no sympathy
  • 8:05 am - youngest points out that a bird has "pooped on the car"
  • 8:06 am - upon inspection, it appears we have an ostrich in our fair city
  • 8:07 am - let out a scream that clears all birds from the surrounding trees.
For those of you wondering....I did think to just drive out of the car wash when the window fell off track.  However, the "supreme" wash is $9.00. There is no way in hell I am going to leave that wash early.

A man has to have his principles....even soggy ones.
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