Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Extreme Resolutions

I know, everyone blogs their new year's resolutions. I know, it can get a bit lame. However, my list is a different. It's extreme!! An extreme list!!
  1. Many have "get into shape" or "go to health club" in their list. I am going to have a specific target with regards to health. I will reach my end of 2010 target weight of 202.
  2. I will reconnect with my programming skills/techie side by teaching myself some basic skills in two technologies: Objective-C and Python/Django. I have started a bit with Python in 2009, but this year I am going to get serious.
  3. I will take the boys fishing at least 3 times this year.
  4. I will take my wife to at least 2 "cultural" events (of her choosing) this year. Local class A baseball games and pro wrestling events do not count.
  5. I will do a better job paying my respects to those members of my family that are no longer with us. This will be done by reconnecting with a couple nephews, sharing stories about those wonderful people with my kids, and making time to get to the cemeteries and place flowers there.

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