Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Respect For The Pickers

File this post under the very crowded topic of "Bill's brilliant Ideas."  This one came to me as I recently walked past a designated smoking room.

Who has never picked their nose??  Be honest now.  It could have been an all out dig in the car, a subtle, glancing pick at your desk, a nostril bleeder in the bathroom, or even a kleenex-wrapped finger assault, made to look like a typical nose blow.  It could even have been the clean up phase of a country blow (many of you know what that is).

We have all done it.  It's as natural as scratching an itch or using an air horn to remind neighborhood dog walkers to pick up Fido's poo as he drops it in your yard.  

Considering it is so natural, why doesn't it get at least a hint of respect?  Smoking, an obvious bad habit, gets a ton of respect.  Yet picking, considered to be taboo, does serve a useful purpose in life.  Unlike smoking, I see very little risk to others from second hand picking.  And, when done properly, it enables the picker to breath better.

With that in mind, I propose setting up Pick Stations in airports, malls, and places of business.  These stations would be safe havens for someone who needs to pick.  The stations would be amply stocked with kleenexes, Q-tips, hand sanitizers, and relaxing music.  They could be partitioned off to provide a comfortable level of privacy for each picker.  

Think of the value to society....the reduction of stress from someone who KNOWS they need to pick....but finds themselves in a public place.  Much like a restroom in a department store, these stations  would provide a sanitary and socially acceptable way for individuals to "mine for gold".

It is time to give picking the proper level of respect it deserves.

To quote George Costanza, "I guarantee you Moses was a picker".

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