Saturday, September 16, 2006

When It Comes To Coaching, I Am S-M-R-T!

Soccer season, week two, completed this morning. 

In an amazing turnaround, team WHW stormed to an impressive 6-3 win.  We never trailed in the game, and actually beat a team that pounded us last year. 

I'm sure many of you are wondering, how did you turn the team around?  I really wish I could say that I studied game files until early in the morning, identified my teams errors, addressed the errors in a series of intense practices during the week, and formulated a killer gameplan for today.  That sure would be impressive to say....

However, the truth is, we had a practice on Thursday.  At the practice I told the kids what I thought we needed to improve on.  We did a few drills, then scrimmaged.  Not Bob Knight material, is it?

As we gathered to get ready for the game today, I told the kids that if they didn't have any throw-in errors today, and kept the other team to 5 goals or less, I would bring in "Fruit by the Yard" for everyone next practice.   Amazingly motivational.

I'm sure next week we will play another all 6th-grader team and get our shinguards handed to us....but for this week, we are kings of the soccer world.

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