Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weekend Update

 Just back from a couple days in Toronto, Canada.  Always get a renewed appreciation for home when I hit the road.  Going to another country just magnified it.  For example:
  1. Ketchup flavored Lays Potato Chips?  Since I was there, I decided to try.  Not terrible...but I can't imagine myself sitting down and eating an entire I can with Doritoes.
  2. Metric System - Chris, you were right to point this out in your comments.  Nothing like cruising down the freeway at 110 km/hr.  Yea, baby.  Then you do some math and find out that you do that all the time.  Also, waking up to the clock radio announcer saying it is a chilly 5 degress outside had me wondering.  Still think back to the wonderful classic Saturday Night Live skit, the Decabet (10 letter metric alphabet to replace our current one.  LMNO is now one letter).
  3. French AND English - I did learn that "sortie" is the same as "exit".
  4. 2 Dollar Coins - This one really thru me. A silver coin with a gold coin in the middle.
  5. Mayo is a standard topping for hamburgers - I know many who like mayo on a hamburger.  Just think it should be something you have to ask for....not something that is assumed.
  6. Like #5, gravy on french fries?
Other trip notes:
  1. Every Canadian I talked to was both polite and friendly.  Nice people.
  2. Caroldee, funny you should bring up the plane germs.  On the way back, I had to sit by a lady who had one of the worst coughs I have ever heard....and I sat in front of a guy with a cough who decided that once the cabin lights were turned off, he could cough without putting his hand over his mouth.  Love feeling the force of someone's cough hitting the back of my head.
  3. The flight from Toronto to Chicago was on Air Canada.  the plane was awesome.  Two seats on each side of the aisle, comfortable room, and every person had a touch screen in front of them where they could pick their entertainment from a list.  If anyone is interested, I chose to watch an episode of the Family Guy.  Nice one where they are sent to the south as part of a witness protection program.  
  4. The flights back on Friday were delayed.  This became especially bad on the smaller flight from Chicago.  We arrived in Chicago around 7:10, scheduled to get on the next flight at 9:10.  As I walked into the terminal, I noticed our flight was commented with the number 11:10.  SUCK.  Then, as we crept closer to our next targeted time, it kept moving back.  11:20, 11:30, 11:45.  Finally, at 11:50, we boarded our plane.  Next hurdle, the co-pilot decided he had flown the maximum hours allowed by the FFA.  This meant we would sit in the plane until another co-pilot could be found.  That search lasted until 1:05 am.  Then we took off and made it home at around 1:30.  Since, at that time of the day/night/morning, there are few people working a small airport, the luggage took a little time to arrive.   Fortunately, the fellow working was a hard worker, and I had my bag at 1:50.  Then came the 25 minute drive home.  All in all, a bad day traveling.  Did get to see Chris' Cards lock up the World Series.  Several Cubs fans in the bar at O'Hare cheering for the Tigers.  Guess us Cub fans can pass our jinx on even through a TV.  Big thanks to JGirl and TKirby (travelmates) for keeping a good sense of humor throughout the day.  Traveling with me on a good day can challenge one's patience....Friday had to be tough.
  5. I got a chance to see the movie Health Inspector (starring Larry the Cable Guy).  Big thumbs up.  He reminds me of a lot of the guys I grew up with.  I like guys who wear flannel shirts with cut off sleeves and a hat with a fishing hook on the bill.  Again, big thanks to JGirl for sharing the movie.
  6. Visited a huge (silent H) Bass Pro Shop while in Toronto.  What a great place.  
  7. I hated the Toronto airport.  Things were not clearly marked.  Not easy to figure out how to get around.
  8. Once we got out of Toronto, I saw some incredibly beautiful landscape.  
  9. O'Hare at around midnight is a lot nicer looking.
  10. So help me, the next person in the airport that rams their wheeled suitcase into my shin is going to get a full effort scream.
  11. There are still some people in the world (two on one of my flights) that think the Steve Martin/Dan Ackroyd "Wild and Crazy Guys" impersonation is funny.
  12. How do women walk long distances in boots with stiletto heels?
One last trip left for the year.  In a couple weeks I head to Seattle for a week.  If I have any problems on that trip, I will be contacting Mr. Gates.

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