Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ten Things That Make Me Laugh

I'm sure this question has dogged everyone at some time or another. ... "What makes WHW laugh???"

Well, as a public service to everyone, here is a partial list (possibly to be continued if anyone finds it funny)....
  1. Obscene typos as I type a post. For example, in the previous sentence I had "a pubic service".
  2. Celebrity Jeopardy from SNL many years back. "I'll take the Penis Mightier for $500. That's The Pen Is Mightier, Mr. Connory"
  3. The way little kids say things sometimes. Example, when my oldest was young, he called a truck a fruck. Had Mrs. WHW scared to death whenever we visited grandma and grandpa. Of course, I tried to get him to say it in front of them.
  4. Old clips of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Yea, DW, you are right. He was a master at making others funny.
  5. Misspeaks by people who have a good sense of humor. Example: at work, we are in a unit meeting hearing about an executive in the company who's first name is Dick. Well, one of the new guys pipes up and says, "You know.....I really like Dick". As he finished the sentence, he knew what he had said. The room went nuts....including him.
  6. Joking around with Mrs. WHW. While we have drastically different senses of humor, we frequently find something in common to laugh at....my clumsiness. Example: Recently, while trying to put my shoes on without untying them, I landed very hard on my bedroom floor. She comes up stairs, with a tear in here eye from laughing so hard. She knew exactly what had happened.
  7. Being around someone who has a hearty laugh
  8. Debating a co-worker about UFO's, Bigfoot, and telepathic powers
  9. The Onion and the Sports Pickle sites
  10. When someone around me is being so completely arrogant or full of themselves. Something inside me triggers me to laugh. Who knows why.

There you have it. Ten things that tickle my funny bone (insert joke here). Next time you see me walking down the street, stop me....and see if YOU CAN MAKE ME LAUGH.

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