Monday, November 06, 2006

ITube, MeTube, We AllTube For YouTube

YouTube was recently sold to Google for a bazillion dollars (give or take a couple quadrillion). For anyone who doesn't know what YouTube is a site where people can post videos. Some are homemade, while some are captures from DVDs or TV shows.

Here are my thought on YouTube:

  1. SCTV clips - Elizabeth, on my Canadian tribute you asked what SCTV was. In a nutshell, it was a show of skits, much like Saturday Night Live, on TV during the 80's, staring people like John Candy, Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, and Eugene Levy.

  2. Mystery Science Theater 3000 clips - still an alltime best

  3. UFO video - amazing how many UFOs look like trash can lids. What are the odds?

  4. Rutles clips - Not sure how many have seen this Beatles spoof from many of the Monty Python group.

  5. Rock Me Amadeus video - Oh, Falco. We barely knew ye. Also found the Der Kommisar video.

  6. Johnny Knoxville clips - I am a sucker for the airhorn at the golf course (Jackass movie)

  7. Ali G clips - We(Mrs WHW) decided to not pay for HBO, Showtime, or Skinimax due to the inquisitive nature of our bunch. Nice to see Ali G.

  8. Battle of the Network Stars clips - Anyone under the age of 35 probably has no idea what this show was.

  1. Goofy, goofy lip syncing - I don't like it at all
  2. Overhyped pet videos - For example, a cat video that is entitled, "OMG, You HAVE to see this!"
  3. Video vomiting - enough said
  4. Personal or staged issue resolution videos - I really have no interest in seeing Kaitlen and Brooke settle their differences.
  5. Bad comedians - I am ok with marginally boring...but truely bad, thanks.
  6. Compilation videos of prank call ins to CSpan - OK. I get it. Their screeners aren't too good. They are likely happy anyone is even interested in calling in. And, yes, I'm sure the penis references are funny to your posse.
  7. Bad movie clips - I am ok if these bad movie clips are part of the MST3K show....but on their own? Was someone really bored enough to put Caddyshack 2 clips on line?
  8. Long soccer clips - One of the reasons soccer isn't a huge TV sport...action can be slim pickens. So, if you put a video of some soccer action, please "cut to the chase".
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