Sunday, December 10, 2006

Boy, You Are Weird

Recently, a couple good blog buddies (G and Weimiegirl) tagged me with listing 6 weird things about me. Typically, I stress out about being tagged. They strike me the same way essay assignments hit me in school. However, because these two are good buddies, I will comply.....

  1. I have a thing about cleaning my ears. I love taking a warm Q-Tip and cleaning my ears.

  2. I, like George Costanza, teared up at the end of Home Alone. "The old man got me".

  3. I used to be able name every Pokemon that "existed". My favorite was Alakazam. He could bend spoons with his mind.

  4. I use to be petrified to say anything in public. Now most around me wish I would shut up once in a while.
  5. When sleeping, I MUST have one foot outside of the covers.
  6. When I read, I make a humming noise.

There you go. Now, I think I have one last tag to take care of......

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