Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Brits Know Their Stuff

On one of my last trips, I had the pleasure of knocking down a few with several coworkers...call out to Mr. TK.

Many of them were enjoying a Boddington's draft, commenting on how good it was. Of course, being the bonehead I am, I insisted on staying with my Bass Ale. Not that there is anything wrong with Bass.

However, upon my return home I decided to see if Boddington's was sold anywhere in Central Illinois. TK hipped me to the fact that the local Meijer had it. One detour on my trip home from work later, and I had a four-pack of pint cans. Already cool because of the pint size.

I have enjoyed three over the past 5 days, and each one has been excellent. Smooth, creamy and filling. If you get a chance, and are looking for something different to try, give this bad boy a shot.

Big thumbs up from this drunkard nerd......

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