Sunday, December 03, 2006

"TIMMMMMMMBER" - aka House meets Tree Update

Tomorrow (Monday) the sawing is to begin.  If it doesn't, I swear I will be 
bringing a chainsaw home and doing my best  lumberjack impersonation.  Of course, Mrs. W has warned me that if I do, one of two things (or both) will definitely happen:
  1. I will cause even more damage to the house (I have to think is is probably right)
  2. I will cut off at least one limb (again, highly likely)
With that in mind, I will be increasing my accidental death/dismemberment coverage on my personal insurance tomorrow in anticipation of the inevitable.

After this week, my new nickname will likely be Lefty.

Here's another pic of the damage.....

By the way, the house is about 100 years old....and once we get rid of all the ^%$#^& trees around it maybe it will be around for another 100.

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