Thursday, December 21, 2006

Uncle Billy....Keep Track Of That Money

I have a thing about lists. I like to put things in lists....rate them....then argue the validity of the rating. At the risk of presenting a list that has been listed to death, let's look at my list of favorite Christmas programs/movies.

Note: My algorithm for rating programs/movies is simple. To make it into the top 10, I have to either own the VHS/DVD, or it be one I want to own. The higher the rating, the more likely I am to watch said program "outside of season".

10. Rugrats: Santa Experience - In this one, Angelica tricks Phil and Lil into trading their favorite toys for presents for each other. In the end, a mysterious Santa shows up to help her figure it all out. Favorite line: At a department store, while telling Santa what she wants, Angelica figures out it isn't really Santa, jumps off his lap, and yells "Santa's a fake!! Run for your life" to all the kids in line.

9. Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas - Nice computerized 3-D characters. Very good Christmas messages. Kids really like this one.

8. Miracle on 34th Street - This one was made in 1973, and has Sebastian Cabot as Santa...and Roddy McDowell as the irritating psychologist. Sebastian makes a GREAT Santa.

7. Christmas Vacation - A good Chevy Chase movie....seems like an oxymoron.

6. How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Boris Karloff and that guy with the deep voice that sings, "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch...."

5. The Toy That Saved Christmas - VeggieTales has a special place in my heart. This one...about a toy man who has a working buzzsaw on his arm (named Buzzsaw Louis) is one of their best....surpassed only by Madam Blueberry.

4. It's A Wonderful Life - Who isn't touched as George stands on the bridge and cries, "I want to live again..."?

3. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - "Why am I such a misfit??...", Burl Ives as the singing snowman, Hermie the elf that wants to be a dentist, Yukon Cornelius, and on and on....

2. Charlie Brown Christmas - From the music, to the kids dancing, to Linus' message, this one is great.

1. Scrooge - This is the version of the Christmas Carol from 1951. Alastair Sim is Ebenezer. I prefer the black and white version over the colorized. When I was a young one, I can remember a local TV station playing this every Christmas eve. The movie does an incredible job setting the mood. This was also one of the few novels I enjoyed reading in grade school. I recently found this one in the discount DVD bin. What a steal....
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