Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Not This Again!

I must have ticked her off. It's the only explanation I have.

This evening it is very, very cold. Unfortunately, we needed some groceries before tomorrow. Don't ask me why(it has to do with a women's club meeting). Anyway, being the gentleman that I am, I insisted on driving 20 miles to Walmart.

On the way out I heard...I also need some nailpolish for tomorrow's meeting. Ooooo.

Then she told me I needed to buy 2 different lite pink shades, 2 dark red shades, and 2 "warm" shades in between. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. If you haven't read previous postings, I will hip you to something Mrs. WHW knows...I am color blind. Pink, red, and "warm"? I see about two colors of polish.

Then she told me...."Don't spend too much. But don't buy the cheap stuff, either." To which I replied, "how do I know what is the cheap stuff?" Response, "It doesn't dry very well". My rebuttal, "How in the world can I buy polish and know how well it drys??!!" All I got was a nice grin and a "thanks, hunny". Damn...she used hunny.

On the way out, my 2nd oldest said, "Mom, what will the checker think when dad brings up all that nail polish?" Then two things hit me:
  1. He got his smurk from his mom
  2. In my stress of knowing colors, the male image thing completely slipped me. Double suck.
I got to Walmart and proceeded to grab 7 little bottles of polish. Some pink...some red...some possibly orange.....

I figure I can avoid the checker thing by using self checkout. I scanned all my stuff, then the last thing, a bunch of bananas locked it up. It froze on the "Skip Bagging?" question. Triple suck.

Then a lady came over and said she would manually do a check out. I'm sure I was imagining it, but I am pretty sure she gave me the suspicious eye when she scanned the 6th bottle of polish.

Upon arriving home, I was greeted with a...."You did very well".

Like that helps.....
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