Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sweet Mother of Art Donovan.....

Never have I gone from wanting to put my nerf football through the TV (first half) to wanting to put my arms around the TV (second half) in such a short amount of time. Yes, I have hugged my TV before.....but that is a story for another post.

Not reall much more can be said about a game like this. It was freakin crazy. I must now begin assuming idiotic, super-fan characteristics....slowly working myself up into the complete assinine behavior for Super Bowl Sunday. I believe a road trip in the next two weeks into someplace near Colts headquarters to stock up on various items is in order.
  1. Colts hard-hat
  2. Colts Super Bowl T-shirt
  3. Colts big foam #1 finger
  4. New Payton Manning jersey
  5. Colts face paint or rubber mask
  6. Colts Batman mask
  7. ???? Other ideas?
A lot of Bears fans up here. I need my gear.

Go Colts!

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