Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I'm still on a Super Bowl high. Having seen, and re-seen just about every press conference related to the Super Bowl, I have decided to post the transcripts to my recent post-victory press conference. (yes, I know, the press conference only happened in my head....but please let me dream)

Reporter: WHW, for most of the game you remained quite level headed and calm. Was that because you knew the Colts were going to win?
Me: I would like to say that I knew all along that we had the game in the bag. However, the reason behind my behavior was related to a little "chat" I had with Mrs. W. before the game. It had to do with our young company during the game.
Reporter: After that last interception/touchdown, you disappeared for a while. Where did you go?
Me: I stepped outside for a bit of fresh air.
Spike (my dog): Actually, he came outside and screamed...."Yes...we ^&%ing won!! Kiss my @ss Bears!"
Me: No comment
Reporter: During the season, were you sure the Colts were going to make the playoffs? Especially after giving up 1,000 yards rushing to Jacksonville.
Me: Playoffs??!! I was just hoping we would win another game. (this answer is my tribute to a wonderful Colts coach of the past, Jim Mora)
Reporter: You have been a Colts fan for a long time. This has to be your best memory. What is your worst memory?
Me: Two come to mind. First, they started the 1986 season 0-13, with most games being lost by more than a touchdown. The second was the day I was told my Bert Jones jersey no longer fit, and I had to stop wearing it. I cried for hours....until Mrs. W told me I could get a Peyton Manning jersey.
Reporter: Are you convinced your support helped the team win the Super Bowl
Me: Absolutely. Next question
Reporter: I have been told that Mrs. W, as well as your oldest son and your son A-Train are not Colts fans.
Me: You know. This is supposed to be about me. Not my family. Why you bring my family into this?? Think you are tough??? I ain't answering any more questions. End of press conference

It is at this point that I overturned the podium and went after the reporter who asked the last question.

Spring training starts in 10 or so days!!!
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