Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow and Friday Night Videos

As I tried (unsuccessfully) to scoop out of a heck of a lot of snow, I had one of those moments.

Actually, my first moment was about a week ago when we had a prelude snow...and I learned the younger kids had left our only snow shovel in the yard....somewhere. I won't share my precise thought then. Just remember using the push broom to clean the driveway, and how amused Mrs. W was with me sweeping the snow.

Anyway, I digress. As I scooped today I listened to an MTV/Friday Night Videos/Night Tracks inspired playlist. As I listened and scooped I started harking back to those glory days of music video. So, this evening, as I listened to the howling winds blow that damn snow back I started hopping around YouTube....and found some gems:
  1. Scandal - She almost joined Van Halen. Cool.
  2. The Producers - Just screams early 80's
  3. Talking Heads - "....and you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack...."
  4. Bobby McFerrin - I remember how brilliant I thought Robin Williams was in this.
  5. Flock Of Seagulls - A classic
  6. Tiffany - For many of these, I watch the video and think to myself, "I thought this was cool?!" I can confidently say I realized early on this one was lame. But it is a classic.
  7. Hall & Oates - Nice to see where GE Smith and the Saturday Night Live Band got its starting.
  8. Billy Idol - Still remember Sting playing Bill Idol on the SNL skit, "The Sinatra Group". Frank: "What's with the snarl and the 666 thing?? Contempt for the audience. That's what killed Dennis Dale"
  9. The King of Pop was the King of the 80's video. Still love Weird Al's spoof better.
  10. Every King needs a Queen. I still think her videos in the 80's were good.
  11. The Beatles - Just another validation of this group's greatness. Making videos before it was cool to make videos. But to also have strings and horns....and guest audience member Mick Jagar (2:39 in the video) makes it just that much cooler.
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