Friday, April 27, 2007

If I Sit, I Must Go

A dead laptop power supply has kept me offline this week. While the time away from the computer helped me make time for other, probably more important things, it also made me a bit ansy. Oh, the life of a loser nerd.

Anyway, this post is my attempt to return to my roots....go back to the types of posts that made me famous. For anyone who has read my past efforts, I hope this doesn't disappoint....

The day, Wednesday. The time, 2:00 PM ish. I strolled into the men's restroom to take care of some "little potty". You see, I have started drinking more water (less of my beloved Dew). The result of this dietary change has been more frequent trips to the little programmers room.

As I strolled in, I noticed all of the urinals were occupied. No biggie....still had a couple open stalls. It should be pointed out that I have an issue "standing" in a stall at work. Excessive splashage that potentially could hit my shoes/pants/me has me hesitant to stand. So, upon entering the stall I assumed the sitting position. It was then that an odd thing happened......

After sitting down, I almost immediately began the process of "big potty", even though I had no plan to "big potty" when I entered the restroom; no prior feeling that I needed to do this. It seems my body instinctively excavates whenever it finds itself in a sitting position on porcelin. A form of muscle memory? A victim of environmental programming? Or is it simply because I am a moron?

Regardless of the explanation, am I the only one that has this issue? Although I realize many of the female readers will possibly have a difficult time relating, I am still interested in your thoughts.
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