Saturday, May 26, 2007

Respect, Appreciation and Love

Couple items this evening. Both have to do with this coming Monday.

First, as everyone knows, Monday is Memorial Day. I want to put my most hearfelt thank you out there for all those who are currently in our armed services, or have been in the past. For those who gave their lives so this country could keep its freedoms, as I hear taps being played at the local service on Monday, I will pray for their souls. Thank You.

Next, Monday is also my 19th wedding anniversary. Nineteen years ago I did something I thought I would never, ever do. For any of you lurkers who know me from my childhood, you are very familiar with my personality back then. I was a very quiet, shy loner. I didn't mind chatting with a friend, but could never talk to someone I didn't know. If forced into visiting, my eyes were glued to my shoes.

Then, 21 years ago this year, I went to a cookout that a co-worker was throwing. The recent passing of my dad had me very disinterested in any social activities. Unfortunately for me, my co-worker was very persistant. She wouldn't take no for an answer. I went to the party, but decided to opt out of the volleyball game....deciding to just sit on the deck and watch. While sitting there, a voice from behind said, "You don't play volleyball?". It was my soon-to-be soulmate. I have absolutely no idea what I said to her then, or the rest of the evening. All I could remember was a sweet voice, killer dimples, and warm eyes. I found out later that my complete domination of a Trivial Pursuit game amazed her. Go figure....that worthless knowledge actually came in handy.

Two years later we were married. 19 years, five kids, and a heck of a lot of odd happenings later we sit about to celebrate another anniversary. Love is a strange thing. Sometimes, when I am really ticked, I begin to think it is leaving me. Then we talk and I discover its still there....just a bit older and more mature (the older part I can relate to....not the mature part).

As I reflect on me and Mrs. WHW, I am amazed at how little we have it common. I am sure, if I were to put my info in something like eHarmony, Mrs. WHW would not come up as a match. But sometimes love doesn't fit any algorithm.

To wrap up my this tribute to my wonderful marriage, here is a table of qualities me and Mrs. WHW share...and those we seem to be at opposite ends.....

General Personalities
Me: Goofy, outgoing only if I know people. Not overly talkative around strangers.
Mrs: Very outgoing to anyone. She loves to chat and isn't shy to chat with someone. She has been known to force telemarketers to hang up because of her chattiness.

Music (Listening)
Me: I like 70's and 80's rock, older country, and some new wave
Mrs: Christian music, Big Band, some Jazz, current pop, and a little from the 90's (easier listening).

Me: I like oddball things like Mystery Science Theatre, some racy stuff like Chapelle, and Seinfeld
Mrs: She likes mainstream stuff like Everybody Loves Raymond, and Full House and Cosby reruns.

Me: Bluejeans, no socks, tshirt, flannel shirt, and maybe basketball shorts. Absolutely no thought into "what goes".
Mrs: Nice pants, very soft blouses that match her pants. Nice matching sweats/shorts when she runs.

Me: Very 'earthy'...which means simple. I don't tend to try new things. Fried = good.
Mrs: She has very advanced tastes. She loves to try new things. If she sees something on the food channel, she is trying to make it next day.

Me: Can make popping noise with my fingers/chin, do a great imitation of a dog throwing up, can make people think I ripped a piece of paper. (simple magic?). I can attract the oddest people in a crowded room. I tend to not fight with people....unless they really push my button.
Mrs: She is a talented piano player. She played percussion in bands. She leads the choir in church. She can negotiate a deal any time we buy something. She is willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone who seems to be crossing her. No fear.

General Appearance
Me: Sort of comb my hair. Always clean. Clothes typically a bit wrinkled. Occasionally shave on the weekend. Have been known to sleep in my clothes. I have no concept of what goes with what.
Mrs: Spends a lot of time on her hair and makeup. Skin looks very nice. Will press anything that has a wrinkle in it. Always looks good, even if what she is wearing isn't expensive.

Stress Management
Me: Seldomly give things like "what other people may think" a thought. Couldn't care less of what neighbors are going to say. I have things that stress me out....but they can be counted on one hand. None of which is anything outside the immediate family.
Mrs: Always worries about things. Always worried when two of her friends are not getting along. Also worries a lot about the house when one of the kids has someone over. "It's messy, their house is clean".

As you can see, a little overlap, a lot of opposites. Seems to be working, so I'm not complaining too much. Complaining is another thing we differ on :>).....
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