Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sweet Justice...and other stuff

It sure has been a while. Between work, home, kids and a nasty sore throat/cold I have had very little WHW time. I am actually still on the mend physically. Taking me a long time to shake this bug.

Anyway, just a few short notes tonight.

First, I want to publicly apologize to my team members from work. I know several read this blog. I was unable to motivate myself to work tonight.....and spent a lot of the evening watching videos of news anchors that fart on the air, a recent Simpson's clip where Bart ticks off Jack Bauer, and some 80's MTV videos (Pete Townshend singing "Let My Love Open The Door" is cool)...when I should have been working. Also, I have talking to everyone (chit-chatting) a lot at work lately. My "problem" is that I really like the people I work with. They are friends more than co-workers. How cool is that? Not real cool for them, if I am constantly pestering them.

Next, as I sat in the bathroom today at work, a brilliant idea hit me. Why don't they put the fold up and out tables on toilets? So, as I am sitting there, I could pull my table top out and set a newpaper on it, rest my head on it, send emails, etc. Anyone interested in running with this idea??? Just send me 25% of the money you make from Kohler.

Next, sweet justice. A few days ago, as I walked down a long hall at work, I noticed some guy just railing on a girl. They were standing a few feet in front of a bathroom entrance. And he was just laying into her. Of course, in one of my "Mrs. Kravitz" moment I had to slow down my walking pace (which is virtually impossible for me to slow down and keep moving forward) and listen in. Seems the lady had not adequately addressed a need of his project. Anyway, as the chucklehead finished his tirade, he turns around and storms into the restroom. Unfortunately for him, those were the lady's restrooms. Sweet, sweet justice.

Next, for those interested, here are the top five suppers I had growing up. See if you recognize a pattern.
  1. Soup beans and corn bread
  2. Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and, in the summer, tomatoes and corn from the garden
  3. Round steak pounded out so thin that you could see through it, floured and fried.
  4. SOS (aka sh!t on a shingle, aka chipped beef and gravy on toast)
  5. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes
  6. side note: a special snack was a radish sandwich.

Finally, my odd-ball magnetism continues to work its magic. At the gas station the other day I was approached by someone who started off saying, "You look really familiar" and ended with..."Have you ever heard of Amway?" Then, at Best Buy, as I stood in the video games section (looking for a PSP game I would enjoy) someone decided to explain to me what a piece of "crap" the PSP was, how Sony is evil, and how the Sega GameGear had been far superior. Fortunately, given their stance on Sony, I was spared the obligatory Beta better than VHS discussion.

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