Sunday, July 08, 2007

The World According To Potty

Oh, hello, hello, hello to all you blaggers out there. This is your Aunt Potty calling you out from my new home. As my young nephew puts it....what up, poo-heads?

It is so nice to be out here in the blagensphere, helping those of you that have special potty questions.

Let's jump right into this post's question. It comes from a TVAndStuff frequent reader named RU. RU poses this question:

My 'Throne' time is important to me... one of the sacred parts of my day! Spending 2 hours reading the Sports pages and the Funnies (taking into account time for standing up so the old legs stay awake) is a normal part of my daily schedule. My question is: When visiting relatives who only have one bathroom (how do they LIVE???) what is the appropriate length of time to occupy said bathroom, at least for the first sitting?

My, my RU...2 hours on the porcelin??? You are what we potty professionals call a marathoner. Very impressive, sir. (Based on the question, my higher education tells me you are a sir, not a madam).

To answer your question, when you are a guest, and there is a very limited number of potties (less than 3), you must limit your potty leisure time to 25 minutes. I know it sounds drastic, but a guest must be sensitive to the needs of their host.

Of course, if you happen to catch the loosies while visiting, then you are entitled to stay as long as needed. So, if you happen to have a lot of reading to catch up on, I suggest a healthy glass of prune juice. Might be a good idea to travel with a jar of "the juice". As they say, no pain, no gain.

Thanks for the question RU. Best of luck with your reading. With the new Potter book coming, you might want to visit a local Sam's club and stock up...if you know what I mean.

Until next time, this is your Aunt Potty...wishing you all happy trips.

-Aunt Potty
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