Monday, August 20, 2007

SOB - A Fresh Start

I blog a lot about bathrooms. It's my thing, my bit, my shtick. It's my area of expertise. And I am a big advocate of sticking to your strengths. So......

Recently, my wife and I had a nice supper out together. No kids, no happy meals, no "mc" on the front of anything. An actual sit down, slow paced meal....with time spent chewing up and tasting the food. It was nice.

What topped the evening off for me was the restaurant's bathroom. I ducked in just before we left. And what I found is something I am growing more and more fond of. The Single Occupancy Bathroom (SOB). The kind that, as you walk in you lock the door. From then until you are completely finished, the room is yours. How great is that????

No sharing of noises or uncomfortable urinal witnessing of non-washing. Just you, the potty, the urinal, the TP, the sink, and the paper towel/hot air machine. A true sanctuary. Honest to goodness privacy.

Now, I am guessing many of you are hung up on the use of SOB to describe the ultimate dining based commodal experience. Well, I am one who likes to give things a second chance, a fresh start. Why should we stick SOB with only the negative??? Let's show a little love and give the SOB another chance.

Next time you come across a single occupancy bathroom, let the maitre d' know you appreciate the SOB. I am betting he will give you a wink and feel good the rest of the night....and so will you.
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