Monday, September 17, 2007

Hello, Friends

It has been a while. Life has kept me busy. Demands from my family as well as demands from work have chewed up my time. By the time I get online, I check email, Twitter a little, listen to some music on Pandora Radio (thanks to DW), then fall asleep at the desk.

Tonight, I decided to change up a little. I logged on, Twittered, started Pandora, ironed my shirt for work tomorrow (yes, I found the spouted plastic water cup), then came to my blog.

I thought about posting about my recent dilemma with the oddball choices of potato chips that exists today (Loaded Baked Potato??!), but decided it was too lame....even for me. Then had thoughts on talking about my recent bathroom issues (thin tp and the feeling of a finger nail down there), but decided I would either offend or disgust everyone except Kirby.

So, that brings me to thoughts for the day.

I have been struggling with work lately. Many of you have heard me second guessing my job selection many times before. Well, I continue to frequently question why I give some much of my life to a job that can be so frustrating. Then it hit me today.....

I love technology. I love solving problems with it. The aspects of work I hate have nothing to do with what I intended to do for my career. Filling out forms, arguing with people over strategy and processes, being told to hammer others for going around the red lame tasks that suck massively.

Over the last week I have helped someone outside of work with some pretty simple Access databases, and I have spent time at work writing a simple little app to automate a task instead of doing those suck ass tasks I listed above. And I noticed I felt better....better about work....better about my usefulness and my skills....better about time I am spending.

Now, if I could figure out a way to translate this type of work into the salary I have to do the suck crap stuff, I would be in much better shape.

For, you see, iPod Touches aren't free.....and I do love technology. I must have one of these.....but that is fodder for another post.

PS...PMaroun, had nothing to do with you being out today :>)
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