Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One More Time

Mrs. WHW departs for a four day trip to Florida today. As before, this places an enormous amount of responsibility on my feeble parental shoulders.

Unfortunately, unlike her last trip, this one is falling directly in the school year. Translation....
  1. Must get son #2 to his school about 20 miles away, by 7:00am each day
  2. Must get other sons to school here by 8:00 am each day
  3. Must get son #4 to soccer practice at 6:00 pm Thursday
  4. Must get son #2 to swim team practice, again 20 miles away, at 6:30 pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  5. Must watch son #1's band perform at the home football game Friday night
  6. Must get son #4 to soccer game on Saturday at 9:30 am
  7. Must get son #1 to soccer (he refs) by 9:00 am Saturday
  8. Must get son #2 to his school to get on the bus for a band trip Saturday morning
  9. Must go watch son #2's band perform at a competition Saturday evening (again, 20 miles away)
  10. Must get all to church (and make sure I am fully dressed in the process)
  11. Must make meals for everyone (not my strong point)
  12. Must get some significant laundry done
  13. Must clean van out...including shampooing the floor mats. They are gross.
  14. Must make sure there is no food stuck to the kitchen floor when Mrs. WHW returns. Don't ask why this is on the list. Lots of history behind it.
  15. Must do some productive grocery shopping (not allowed to buy more than 2 bags of chips, 2 frozen pizzas, and 2 cans of cheese whiz)
  16. Try to keep up on what is happening at work.
  17. Continue to annoy coworkers by sending them links to goofy websites....during the day.
  18. Get to Starbucks a couple of times
  19. Blog a couple of times
  20. Continue to Twitter.

Looks like an intimidating list. But I am up for the challenge.

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