Monday, October 01, 2007

Kick Me Anywhere, Kick Me In The Ass

I am 100% asshole....and I proved it again tonight.

We have a neighbor who likes to offer up "advice" to me. Actually, she likes to tell me what I am doing wrong and what I should be doing. As you can probably figure, I really appreciate her insight.

So, this weekend, when she called me over to talk to me I was sure I was going to get some valuable feedback. Our chat was a round about chat regarding her dogs and Spike. As a little background, several years ago we adopted Spike right before he was to go to the pound. He was a stray that no one in the neighborhood wanted.

As a result of his nature, Spike likes to be outside a lot. In fact, he hates being in the house. When I bring him in, he sits by the door, scratches, howls, and annoys me until I put him back outside. I have no problems with this. If Spike's happy, I am happy.

Anyway, my neighbor, who has three huge dogs and one tiny house prefers to keep her dogs inside most of the time. To me, that's a decision between her and her dogs.

The purpose of her chat was to tell me, again, how she thinks dogs should be kept inside where they are warm and safe. "Spike sure seems to be outside a lot. A lot" was what I heard. I explained his preference only to be told, "well, I prefer to take care of my babies".

Ok....whatever. Fast forward to tonight. I am walking Spike along the normal evening route, which goes past our friend's house. As usual, as we walk by, the three dogs start barking and growling from inside the house, through the open windows. Tonight, as we walked by, I decided to have some "fun".

So, as we walked by, I made a very slight but annoying sound. This resulted in the three Cujos going ape shit.....which I thought was very funny. Then, all of a sudden I heard the venetian blinds in the main window of the living room come crashing down......and she started screaming at the dogs.

My side was hurting so much I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish our walk. Yes, I realize that what I did was not Mrs. WHW explained to me when I came home, all giddy from the walk.

Maybe tomorrow night we will go walking past the house where the husky that craps in my yard lives. Hmmmmm.
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