Monday, November 12, 2007

Truely, A Perfect Crime

I admire guts. I admire people who have the stones to do "ballsy" things. I want to be one of them. Unfortunately, I'm not.

Each week, on Wednesday night, I take our three trash cans to the curb. Thursday morning is when my heroes come around. Interesting side note: we have had these same trash cans since we were married. Rubbermaid makes a heck of a trash can. Missing a couple lids....but the cans are still usable.

Anyway, last week the cans were pretty full. While I try to do the right thing and recycle, sometimes I get a little lazy.

Since the trash guys don't arrive until after I leave for work, I typically grab the empties when I get home from work, and take them behind the house. When I got home last Thursday, I noticed something can still had trash in it.

Hmmmm. Why would my boys leave one can full??? I chalked it up to carelessness, and went inside. Later, when I went out to move the cans, I noticed something odd.

The trash in the can isn't ours. Believe me....I know my trash. And this crap ain't it. And, to top it off, the bag wasn't tied shut!! That pisses me off soooo much.

As I thought about, it dawned on me. This is a perfect crime. What am I going to do with someone else's trash??? Throw it away? That's exactly what they want. BRILLIANT!

I tip my hat to the trash burglars.....check and mate, my friends.

BTW: In protest to their act (and against Mrs. WHW's desires, I took a large piece of cardboard out and wrote, in big letters, "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!". I have left the cans in front of the house...and will for the rest of the week, with the sign right in front of it.

Unfortunately, according to Mrs. WHW, the sign "blew away" this afternoon during a shower.
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