Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sunday Just Won't Be The Same

Caution: the following post contains a significant number of product plugs. For those readers keeping score at home, I have hyperlinked and bolded them. In case you are wondering, the Colts Pro Shop recently massively marked down the prices on their Super Bowl XLI stuff.

Yes, I am in mourning. Not serious mourning.....just football mourning.

My beloved Colts will NOT be playing on Sunday. Oh, they had the game last week. Then, my buddy MM's Bolts shot them down. I tip my Colts Sideline cap to you and the Bolts, MM.

They had a great year. Another 13 win season. While many of the fair weather fans are groaning and looking to order their Patriots crap, I sit here thumbing through my recently purchased Super Bowl XLI Game Program (purchased immediately after the deflating defeat for a paltry $5.00) reminiscing on the wonderful world championship I enjoyed last year.

Others I know are suddenly Brett Favre fans. Go figure. Out of nowhere came their CheeseHead. Well, I say NO to that bull. Yes, I will watch tomorrow's game between GB and the Giants (anyone know why ESPN insists on calling them "The Football NY Giants"?). I will be watching it basking in the warmth of my Super Bowl XLI Champions Parade Hoodie.

Boy, the sweatshirt is almost warm enough to keep out the bitter chill of defeat. Do I need to concerned about that lingering cold???? Of course not....for I will be sporting my Super Bowl XLI Champions Hat Hook T-Shirt underneath my sweatshirt which will repel the remaining bits of cold.

So, don't cry for me, Argentina....or Louisville.....or Omaha....or even San Diego. I am prepared for this difficult stretch coming up. Well prepared.

Now, if only I could convince Mrs. WHW on the investment value of the Fan Version of the Super Bowl Champ's Ring ($1,399.99), then I would be set.
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