Monday, March 03, 2008

My Lifelong Dream

I had planned to post again on Tuesday. However, things are not shaping up well for some computer time tomorrow night....and I want to get this out there while I still remember it.

Like most people, I have had a lot of dreams in my life. Some have been simple, some have been complex.

However, since I was old enough to drive I have had one dream that, to this day, remains one of my strongest, yet simplest. The last few days I have come very close to experiencing this dream.....yet it continues to elude me.

My dream is to hit a huge puddle with my car so hard that I splash a house. I want to nail a puddle so well that the water flies so far it hits a house near the puddle.

Not sure why this dream has remained with me. Possibly because it seems somewhat attainable. More likely its durability is connected to the simple fact that I never really matured much past 9th grade.

Either way, the recent rains, warm weather, and melting snow have once given me a chance to possibly experience my dream. Just this weekend, as Mrs. WHW and I returned from an Olive Garden lunch I spied an enormous puddle near a neighbor's house.

While still two blocks away I began aligning the car for the approach. My wife, very aware of my dream, immediately began complaining about the dream. Each year she talks me out of "going for it". Her approach this year was describing all of the bad things that could happen if I did hit the puddle. She went from the possibility of hydroplaning into the neighbor's garage to splashing one of the neighbors by accident, to getting caught speeding as I made my final approach.

She came up with all these within a block and a half. Pretty impressive. To maintain some peace at home, I ended up dialing back my approach. As a result, I soaked one of the neighbor kids' Green Machines.....but got no house.

Oh, one day when my pretty conscience isn't around.......
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