Thursday, April 17, 2008

Personal Air Space

My world is driven by my rules.  My issues.  My obsessions.

For example, here are just a few of my rules (trust me, I have volumes of these)....
  1. Once something is in the trash can, it stays in the trash can.  It really bothers me when someone takes something out of the trash.
  2. Upon leaving a bathroom at work, I wash my hands, dry them...keeping the paper towel, then use the paper towel to open the door, throwing it away once I exit the bathroom.
  3. No one is to sit on a table that I place food on.
  4. When leaving a meeting or work area at work with coworkers, I insist on being the last person.  DW....I am talking to you.
  5. I can never get a full physical from a female doctor.  To explain why in a post would bump the blog to an "R" rating.  I think you know what I mean.
One of my top rules is respect the concept of personal air space.  Give and be given ample room when in a crowd, a line, and/or a bathroom.  Nothing bugs me more than to have someone jamming my space.  

I have noticed that the concept of Personal Air Space seems to not be an international concept.  At conferences or theme parks, it seems people get right up on you.

This brings me to earlier this week.  I am in the salad bar line at the cafeteria at work.  As I assembled my salad I began to "feel" the person behind as they crept into my air space.  As I spoon peas into my bowl, they are grabbing sugar beets....which are right in front of me.  


Message for PAS invader....

News flash, buddy.  There will be plenty of sugar beets left after I move on.  Yes, lots.  In fact, I'm not taking any, so the bowl of beets will still be full.  Isn't that unbelievable???!!  So please, take a couple steps back.

Thanks, "friend".

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