Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Battle of Wills

Haircuts for my family are a full evening event.  One of Mrs. WHW's friends cuts hair, so we typically block off an evening with her.  She comes over to our house, and each kid gets a cut.  Then, time permitting, I might get trimmed up.

Since my college days (when I sported the Shaun Cassidy look) I have had a hair length rule-of-thumb....once my hair starts going over the top of my ear I need a cut.  This rule has always worked well for me.  Hair over my ears drives me bonkers.  

Last week, my wife's friend was over giving everyone a cut.  But, to my surprise, my cut was not on the schedule.....even though it is clearly hanging over the top of my ears.  

I asked my wife what gives???....and she replied, "I have been meaning to tell you that your rule isn't a good one.  You get your haircut every time your hair starts to look good."

This completely blew me away.  First, it implied my hair doesn't normally look good.  Second, it more than implied I have a bad rule.  Anyone who knows me knows I live by my own rule book (a very thick book).  These rules have evolved over time....and are proven to keep me relaxed and at peace with the world.

My knee-jerk "adult" reaction to the her comment.....I am now letting my hair grow until she tells me it looks bad.  Then it will go three more weeks before I get it cut.  

Stuff Shaun Cassidy....I am going for the Billy Ray Cyrus look.  Clarification: current Bill Ray look, not the mullet.

Expect a pic posted in a few weeks.
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