Monday, May 05, 2008

Exercise in Futility - Week One

As some of you may remember, I am on a haircut boycott. My wife made a flippant comment recently regarding my hair. She said I tended to get my hair cut right as it started looking nice. Here is a link to my full description of the traumatic event.

My decision was to wait until she commented that I needed a haircut....then add three more weeks before getting it cut. I shared this plan with her. Her only reactions:

  1. Laugh

  2. Look at my hair

  3. Laughed again

  4. Said...."it will bother you long before it bothers me"

  5. She walked away laughing more

Anyway, last Monday she mentioned that I was looking "a bit shabby". That started the clock. Today, she asked if I wanted her to make me an appointment with her friend who cuts hair. I reminded her of the three week plan. She just rolled her eyes.

For the record....I hate having my hair touch the top of my ears. Whenever I am out of her field of vision I mess with it.

Here is how I look at the end of week #1.....after having worn a hat all day:

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