Friday, May 09, 2008

Heads Up!

As many of you know, my second oldest is a pretty good swimmer. He is on a team that practices at one of the local college's pools.

This evening, as I went to pick him up after practice, I noticed an awful lot of traffic around the college's basketball arena. What I learned was that tonight was graduation night. That meant I had to park quite a ways away from the pool.

I ended up finding a spot by the school's baseball field. There was a game this evening at the field. I was parked several feet beyond the left field fence....what I thought was a safe distance. As I walked away from the car I heard that distinctive "clink" of the sweet spot of an aluminum bat making contact with a ball. I thought, "he hit that one hard".

Seconds later the ball came sailing over my head, bouncing about two feet in front of me. As any good baseball fan would do, I scrambled to get the ball, and felt vindicated for the bodily risk the object had just presented me. Sure, the ball was only worth about $5.00.....but it was a home run ball!

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