Monday, June 02, 2008

Of Socks and Sons

Many people shake their heads when they hear we have five kids.  Many almost weep when I tell them they are all boys.  

Yes, they eat a lot.  Yes, they usually leave the bathroom in a pretty disgusting mess.  And yes, they pretty much destroy any nice furniture we were so stupid to have purchased.

With all that in mind, there is one aspect of sons that is driving me bonkers.....especially with two of them now being as big if not bigger than me.

They use and abuse my socks.  The two (and as of today three) oldest sons are notorious for pillaging my dresser, taking my socks.  Then, they wear them without shoes, outside....or as part of a multi sock set up for basketball, or as they swim with fins.  

They are expected to mate their own socks.  Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one around that takes that task seriously.  Hence, my dilemma.

Do not cry for me, for I have come up with the answer to my problem.  I am now purchasing hideous socks.  Socks no fashion sensitive child would ever wear.  Personally, I detest socks, and only wear them because I have to.  I couldn't care less what they look like.  However, teen and preteen boys are keenly aware of things like socks.  

So, now I am wearing these (amazing what you can find in the discount bin)......

Now, all I need are brown sandals, ivory white legs, and ill fitting shorts.  And believe me, I have just about every one of those covered.
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