Wednesday, July 09, 2008

So Much Still To Learn

Lunches are important for me. I do my best learning at lunch. I would like to think I am pretty smart.....a man of the world. Recently, it seems like my lunches find me learning more and more about the real world. Today is a perfect example.

I didn't have time to make my lunch this morning (overslept again) so I went out with a couple of coworkers, J-Girl and EZE. The conversation began with the observations (by me) that I really didn't know crap about different ways women flirt with men. My best understanding of flirting was obtained from a Brady Bunch episode where a girl flirted with Greg to try and get his vote for head cheerleader. Pretty sad, isn't it?

Anyway, as is typically the case, the lunch discussion went quickly into the gutter. That's when I learned an important fact about women's shoes. Specifically, CFM shoes.

At the risk of being labeled a complete loser by everyone reading this, I am going to state that I had never heard of CFM shoes. However, upon watching a couple women crossing the road I learned one was wearing CFM shoes. Unable to initially fess up, I looked over and noticed one had really high heels on, and another had knee-high boots on (a rather odd choice of footwear in July). Still, no clue what CFM shoes were.

I finally admitted I had no idea what CFM shoes were. After some chuckles and nods from my "friends", I learned CFM stood for "Come F*** Me". The extremely high heels were an example of them.

In total disbelief, I challenged them accusing them of making it up. Come to find out, if you go to Amazon and search on CFM shoes, you get over 50 hits!

I stand corrected....and I stand a much smarter person this evening. Who would have thought?

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