Sunday, March 01, 2009

Is It Just Me?

Haven't blogged much lately.  Between school athletics, work, Twitter, and my time to type in a post has been reduced.  However, tonight I feel motivated.  For you see, over the last few days I have been told by some that specific beliefs, habits, tendencies, etc. that I have are very unique to me.

My first reaction was shock.  Me, different than everyone else?  Bah....pshaw!

Then I decided to put my "quirks" to the test.  I will list them for all, and let others tell me how odd I am.  So, below is my attempt to capture the 10 most often identified oddities that are me.  Each oddity has a scale of 3 value.
  1 = Everyone is like that
  2 = Hmmm, that is a bit unusual
  3 = Holy crap, you really need some couch time

With all this in mind, I present:  

The 10 Question Goof-O-Meter

  1. I must be the last person to leave a room or walk in a group somewhere.  _____
  2. My towel must be in the same place each morning.  _____
  3. I Have to clean my ears each morning...right after I brush my teeth. _____
  4. Related to #3, I must be able to do my morning "ritual" the same each morning. _____
  5. Currently, my most personal possession is a small blanket that must I sleep with. _____
  6. I HAVE to be able to sleep with one foot outside the all times. _____
  7. I must sit at the same place at the dinner table each night. ______
  8. I have to be the one that gets things out of the fridge once dinner starts. _____
  9. I have been known to put something "back where it belongs" then take it from there before I can use it. _____
  10. When leaving the bathroom, I take some paper towel, open the door using it, then discard when I have exited.  _____

A "normal" score would, of course, be 10.  When I score myself, I come up with 22.  (4 3's, 4 2's, and 2 1's).

Let me know how you scored me.  I will be "patiently" waiting.  (which means I should have an 11th item, describing how impatient I am regarding feedback).  

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