Sunday, March 08, 2009

Odds and Ends (emphasis on CC ends)

Just some random stuff (mostly cool stuff I got at Circuit City)....

  1. Good bye Circuit City.  I was never a big fan of yours, but I did enjoy the sale.  My best "steal" was a waterproof case for my Flip camera ($5 was a steal).  Now, to come up with an idea for using it underwater.
  2. Spending a lot (too much) time at  I actually found Disco Duck there!!
  3. My wife just returned from back-to-back weekends in Chicago with son #2 at state wide swim meets.  He kicked some rear, and she brought me back a cool gift.  She knows me really well.
  4. Still liking my netbook.  Again, courtesy of CC's misfortune.
  5. Looking at a tough spring/early summer/fall.  Oldest graduates high school and will be heading off to college.  Early indications are that my wife will be an emotional train wreck.  She has already cried during our trip back from a college visit.  
  6. Starting to hit another one of those career evaluations.  Seems to creep up on me every spring.  
  7. I recommend that anyone who would like to easily record events look at the Flip camera.  I got one at Christmas, and have used it at bball games, swim meets, and just around the house.  It is the easiest video camera I have ever used.  Simple, limited functionality, but perfect for a goof like me.  It's great not lugging around all the stuff associated with a typical camera.  And David Arquette uses one......
  8. Finally, my last purchase at CC was an Archos 605 Wifi (80 gig).  It is one of the coolest gadgets I have gotten in some time.  Little tip to those running the CC rumage sale.  When you have items like these, it is a bad idea to lock them in a freakin closet, sitting sideways.....unless, of course, you are hoping to score them at the end of the day.
Techie stuff is soooo cool.
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