Saturday, June 27, 2009

Angels and Puberty

Recently, death has been going through Hollywood like cheap sauerkraut. Trying to keep up with the celebrity passings would be a full time job...which is way too much work for me.

However, absolutely NO worthwhile blog claiming to have a television theme could not post a thought or two about the passing of Farrah Fawcett.

Charlie's Angels hit the airwaves about the same time I hit puberty. This coincidence was likely a gift from above to help me through that difficult period of time. Early on, I was drawn to the show, but also felt a bit embarrassed. Interestingly, at the time I had absolutely no idea why.

Of the three angels, I was drawn to Jill Munroe. Her character was far more developed than the other angels.

I fondly recall having many a heated "who was hotter" argument, Jill vs Kelly, with friends. The arguments typically ended with me saying, "you are just really stupid". Check and mate. I was always a tremendous debater.

Anyway, in my early teens, I tended to wear the same clothes for multiple, concurrent days. When something became my favorite, it was worn with great regularity. So, when I was given a t-shirt with THE picture on it, my dressing cycle was greatly altered. My previous favorite shirt, the "I'm With Stupid" shirt was replaced by a lovely, somewhat chilly lady.

Interestingly, the Farrah shirt stayed my favorite for almost a year, ultimately being replaced by a Bert Jones jersey. It;s longevity as number #1 was a true testimony to my admiration for her.

Farrah, rest in peace. You were a real star in this man's eyes.

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