Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello, My Lady

I am easily distracted...and have the maturity of a 7th grader. Those two facts tend to make any time I spend surfing an interesting adventure. A couple years ago I discussed how the adds with dancing alien/dancing Santa, surprised dancing women, etc. trying to sell mortgages annoyed me. What the hell any of those things had to do with mortgages still baffles me. Anyway, there is now another add bugging me......

I am now annoyed, distracted and intrigued by the Evony adds. They started out pretty goofy, but have recently started creeping into the always interesting soft-core porn category. Hey now!

I know next to nothing about Evony. It appears to be some sort of role playing online game. What I do know is that a queen/princess with a couple "qualities" highly valued by most men, wearing a low cut dress, is calling me, "My Lord" and wants me to "Play Now". Distraction level increasing....

She also mentions something about it being "free forever". Again, as the adds drift into that gray area, this proposition begins bugging me more.

This may be a great game, and the add may be very true to the activities in the game, but for crying out loud, the add distracts the hell out of me. Why does she have her eyes closed and head tilted back in "that way"??? Is she just happy to be warmed by the seemingly dull, semi-direct sunshine in the add??? I WANT TO KNOW! Just describing the add is starting to make this post sound like a Harlequin book.

Do they really get players by tossing the "wench" into the adds? By the way, did you know there is an International Wenches Guild? Don't say the time spent reading this post isn't educational.

I would be much happier if they were to put a couple that looked like these in the add:

I'm glad I don't work in Marketing.
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