Friday, October 20, 2017

Meet The New Boss - Same As The Old Boss

Remember when this blog used to be your go-to source for juvenile stories focusing on bathroom experiences, weird personal encounters, and animals that spoke?  It's been quiet for a long time.  The hiatus hasn't been because I lacked material.  I continue to be a beacon for the unusual, and I definitely have plenty of new stories about my experiences at work, at home, and in the latrine.  Life just sort of took away my time to put all these out there.  Many of the same people who played roles in my past stories are still around.  Some are sadly gone, other new people (and animals) have joined my journey.

Recently, for a few reasons, I have decided to revisit my self-imposed exile.

  1. My illustrious inventory of past posts has been shared with a new audience, who, for some bizarre reason, seem to enjoy them.
  2. As my kids have grown up, my free time has slowly returned
  3.  My desire to continue to have an online historical record of my "best" moments
Now, armed with a simple Chromebook, a boatload of new stories, and I desire to continue to gather as many head shakes as possible, I am returning to the medium that made me famous.

Some quick post previews:
  1. Male bathroom etiquette, it's real and it's important
  2. You know what's worse than cleaning up dog vomit?  Hint: what other terrible by-product do dogs sometimes eat?
  3. Colorblindness and the stress it creates
  4. Starbucks after 7:45 pm - aka Dark Shadows meets The Twilight Zone near 1313 Mockingbird Lane

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