Friday, May 08, 2015

Old Techie/Old Tech - A Romance Spanning Years

I have been writing code and loving the tech world since I was a senior in high school, way back in 1981.  My tech back then was a Mattel Football Game, and a Radio Shack TRS80 including the cassette tape input!  Later, I moved up to a Commodore 64, using a version of Turbo Pascal to churn out some beautifully worthless code.  At the time, this was some of the best tech a reasonable price.

Fast forward almost 35 years .....I'm older (much older), but the enjoyment from tech is still strong.  Over the years, an interesting trend has emerged.  While I love to have a big, bad smartphone and a ultra-hd tablet, I seem to enjoy the resuscitation and use of old tech even more.  Ebay, discount tables in office supply stores, and "open box" sales at electronic sections of big department stores have become my must-stop shopping points.    

After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that old tech and I are kindred spirits.  Much like the old vs. new subplot in Wrath of Khan, we both consistently face the same criticisms and doubters. 
  1. He/it is too slow
  2. He/it is too big (actually "heavy", but I prefer to paraphrase)
  3. He/it doesn't have all the features/skills
  4. He/it is just too old-school 
Untrue!  I go to/prefer to be the tested, the experienced, the simple.  I say, embrace the old and the experienced.  Dig that old turd brown Zune out of the junk drawer and give it a charge.  Get that old Kindle out of the box in the basement, and remember all the great books you read on it.  

BTW: This post was typed on a Lenovo S10 Netbook (circa 2008...running Linux Mint), while listening to music (Pandora) on my Blackberry Playbook.  

Suck it, new tech.

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