Sunday, September 03, 2006

Is It Hot Here...Or Is It Me?

I have just returned from another work-related trip.  This trip found me in lovely Phoenix, Arizona. 

As with most of my trips, I have a few observations and thoughts. 

  1. Had lunch at O'Hare on the trip out.  Sat next to a lady who was going through a magazine ripping adds out.  Some of the adds were placed into a neat stack, while others were wadded up and stuffed into a McDonald's bag.  Not sure what criteria she was using.  I decided that was info I didn't need.
  2. At O'Hare, I watched a lady who looked to be in her 80's stroll into a men's restroom.  At first, I thought she may have been confused, then, when she didn't come out, and I saw the line at the women's restroom, I figured out that this lady had to go...and she was going to go.  In my opinion, I say..."if she isn't afraid of what is going on in the men's room....go ahead.  The poor lady had to go....let her go".
  3. Flight out was uneventful.  Except for some very ill-timed turbulance...while I was in the phonebooth/bathroom.  Needless to say, I spent an extra few minutes cleaning the lower part of one of the walls.  Damn it.
  4. Got a nice Vibe for a rental car. 
  5. The hotel was awesome.  Great pool, awesome "lazy river", on-site Starbucks.  I was told at "peak season" the rate for the room I had was around $500/night. 
  6. I am going on record as saying the "On The Border" near the hotel I stayed at has some of the best frozen strawberry margaritas I have had the pleasure of indulging in.   (caution, if your browser supports Flash, the link to the restaurant gets annoying after a while).
  7. Every day was around 108 degrees.  But it only felt like 97. 
  8. Not too many "nerd encounters" at the conference.  One memorable one had to do with a gentleman wearing a stuffed fox on his shoulder throughout the conference.  I ALMOST bought a stuffed elephant and some safety pins at a nearby Kohl's....almost.
  9.  Flight back was very nice...except I noticed I had BO as I boarded the flight to Chicago .  You see, when I fly I like to wear my lucky Cubs jersey....ok, I insist on wearing it.    Unfortunately, I didn't woolite it after the flight out.  As a result, I spent 15 minutes in the plane's bathroom rubbing hand soap under my arms trying to tame down my masculinity. 
  10. Finally, I know the TSA folks have tough jobs.  I appreciate them very, very much.  But it bothered me a little to see a 70+ year old woman getting the full search treatment.  She was shaking pretty hard while they were wanding her.  Just doesn't seem right.  Of course, I know their attention must be "random". 

Anyway, it is nice to be home.  Next trip  (in about 3+ weeks) will take me to Atlanta, GA then to Winter Haven, FL. 

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