Monday, October 02, 2006

I Blame Others

Recently, one of my blog buddies, Sue/Mominator, posted a story about her husband's recent EBay purchase.  I thought it was very funny.  Unfortunately, it planted a little seed in my very barren brain.

Within three days I decided to just "look around" EBay.  Started innocent enough.  Looking at laptops.....then movies......then X-Box games....then, gulp, PSP's.  

Now, I had recently spent about 30 minutes at Best Buy playing with a PSP.  It had some stupid little game....hence, it kept me occupied.  This, coupled with the realization that I need video game experience before Mrs. WHW takes another extended weekend off, triggered me to see how much a PSP was going for. 

Retail was $259 (recently see they are coming down to $199).   No way I would pay that much for one.  Then I noticed someone had several with a Buy It Now of $159.  As a side note, Buy It Now is simply Satan's tool on Ebay.  Anyway, my juvenile side got the best of me. 

I tried rationalizing it by saying "I have several work trips coming up (Frederick, Maryland, Parsippany, NJ, and Toronto...and possibly DuPont, WA.).  I need something to keep me occupied in the airports and on the plane.

Anyway, it arrived last week while I was in Atlanta.  Unfortunately, as I was doing a demo there, I was connected to the network...and Mrs. WHW sent me an email "asking" about its purchase.  I had to quickly close that Outlook pop-up!

On the plus side, it is cooler than I thought (more rationalizations forthcoming).....It has an awesome display, it has the ability to connect to my wireless network and surf the net, and it has a very cool golf game, it can play MP3's, movies and show pics and videos.

Last night I was up until midnight playing a golf course in the Andes.  My knuckles are sore....and I am still a junior golfer.  It is GREAT.

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