Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Long Distance Dedication

You have to love a hotel with an internet kiosk.

Greetings from Frederick, Maryland. As I sit here waiting for my room to be cleaned up, thought I would drop everyone a "Goober says Hey". Time for a few quick observations....as I have a kid waiting to get on this PC to likely post some angry music thoughts on their MySpace.....

  • Fantastic Four was a pretty good movie
  • Roy Rogers has good burgers
  • Frederick has in interesting Civil War hospital museum
  • Not a big fan of Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Some beautiful countryside around here
  • As we are driving to Parsippany tomorrow, we may detour over to Gettysburg. Is it in poor taste to crack jokes there? I'm thinking it is.
  • I wish I had thought of an internet site that housed videos. Damn, $1.6 billion.
  • As we sat on the plane in Chicago waiting to take off, I heard some of the worst "updates" from our Captain....
  • "Since this type of plane is pretty quirky, we have to be careful of how weight is distributed in it. And there is no pop cart"
  • "We are being delayed because we have too much luggage. We are removing luggage we were transporting for other flights. Don't worry, none of your luggage is being removed"

Hopefully, more to come in the next few days.......

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