Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Distorted Expectation

So nice to be home.  Had another pretty good round of visits.  I always enjoy meeting with people inside my company that are trying to solve problems in a straightforward way.

Couple clarifications from my first post from this well as a couple new thoughts....

Hershey, PA - My initial disappointment in Hershey was related to a bizarre idea that it would resemble Wonkaville.  There were no Oompa Loompas running around.  There were no chocolate fountains, chocolate street signs, or chocolate dogs.  No Johnny Depp/Gene Wilder running around (although there was a guy with an odd hat and a purple suit in front of the amusement park...not sure if he was a featured employee or just a "friend" of the park.)  I'm sure Hershey is a wonderful town....just not the magical chocolate city I was looking for.

Gettysburg - Stopped at both the battlefield and the city.  Battlefield was worth the stop.  Being many years removed from high school history classes, I had forgotten the immense toll on human life the two day battle took.  Unbelievable and sobering.  I am definitely incredibly spoiled, often times complaining about how I had to "work outside in the heat for a couple hours".  After spending time at the battlefield, we stopped at a local Gettysburg pub for lunch.  Food was excellent....and the bathroom was, by far, the most impressive facility I found myself in all week.  Clean, nicely tiled, smelled good, nice flushing power, a "one person potty".  Why can't more bars and restaurants have something like this???

Parsippany - Great hotel....terrible traffic.  How do people put up with traffic like this day in and day out??  A drive to a restaurant for supper one night took 70 minutes.  The drive back from it to the hotel (2 hours later) took 15 minutes.  Only got flipped off 3 times for driving like a midwesterner.  Not bad.

Harrisburg, PA - Stayed here the night before I came home.  Seemed like a nice enough town.  Just stayed in a mega-suck hotel.  News flash....a non-smoking room probably should not be on the same floor as a group of smoking rooms....just a thought.  Also, I am all for hotels that are animal friendly.  However, rooms where large, shedding dogs have stayed should be thoroughly cleaned before a "non-pet" person stays.  Again, just a thought.

Cabela's - While driving to Parsippany, we stopped at a HUGE Cabela's.  It was a great stop. 

I now get a week and a half at home...then off to Toronto for a couple days.  Wonder how hard it is to create an international incident. Then again, probably best to keep my mouth shut.


Addendum: Blue Moon beer with an orange slice in it is very, very good.

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