Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Are These Stylish?

I have been in need of new shoes to wear to work for some time. Since we have a business casual environment, I am not bound to the traditional wingtips...or its lesser cousin, the penny loafer.

So, as son #2 attended a swimming lesson the other day, I decided to take a quick trip over to a nearby mall and see what I could find. Of course, anything I looked at would have to be on sale for me to even think of buying.

In the past, I have had very good luck with Dr. Martens (the more mainstream models) and Timberlands. Both brands have their pluses and minuses. The Dr. Martens are very durable. However, there is no place locally that will resole them. And my style of walking/bouncing tends to hammer the soles of my shoes. Timberlands aren't quite as durable, but the last pair of them that I bought could squeak on any surface. A little drag of the foot and a massive squeak was generated. This was a plus for me, since it gave me another avenue for being annoying.

So, after checking out several stores that typically have good deals on shoes, I found myself at one of the nicer department stores. This one sometimes has good deals....but also has some outrageous prices.

After checking out their clearance I can still wear a 7 1/2....I strolled over to shoes that were just "on sale". There I stumbled upon an interesting pair. Not that I'm particularly stylish, but they looked pretty cool. Typically, my idea of stylish is to have on my Peyton Manning jersey with matching blue sweats.

The brand was one I had never heard of....Clarks. I tried a pair on and they felt very comfortable. They also have waxed laces, something I really like. After a few minutes of internal debating, I pulled the trigger.
Here is what the shoes look like:

My question is....Are these shows stylish?? Trendy??? I would appreciate any feedback you, the educated reader, may have. Please keep in mind that I have a reputation to think of.
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