Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How Do I Spell Class? ED

Recently, one of the classiest news personalities EVER passed away. On November 9th Ed Bradley died.

I respected Mr. Bradley immensely....on a lot of levels.

First, he was a first rate news person. His stories were always well done. Whether the story was about AIDS in Africa or about Columbine. He WAS the reporter others should strive to be.

Second, he was flat out the best interviewer I have ever seen. He could deliver the tough questions to anyone without being a bully or an attacker. Still remember his interview with Timothy McVeigh.

Finally, he was his own man. From his pierced ear to his love of jazz, the man did want he wanted to when he wanted to do it. Yet, while being an individual, he was also an incredible role model for anyone growing up in working class America.

God bless your soul, Mr. Bradley.

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