Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Years Resolutions

This is the best time of year to be a "list nut". Why??? Because of the requirement to post a New Years Resolution....which MUST be presented in the form of a list. (law in this state).

I being of sound mind and body.....whoa, wrong intro.

For 2007, I resolve to:
  1. Work out, in some form, 3 days a week. And no, walking from my living room to the basement is not going to be considered working out in 2007.
  2. Finish a couple pc applications for people who have been patiently waiting on me. Only two versions of MS Office later than I promised.
  3. Take the kids fishing at least 4 times. Trust me, a fishing trip is not a walk in the park.
  4. Eat far less potato chips and french onion of my vices
  5. Drink fewer venti cappucinos (average no more than 1 a week).
  6. Not embarrass my second oldest son at any of his swim meets this summer. I tend to cheer for him as loud as humanly possible.....and when you are 13/14, this ain't cool.
  7. Set up the lawn spinkler more often for the kids...and not feel compelled to try and spray Mrs. WHW with it.
  8. Use the lawn trimmer when appropriate, instead of using the mower as a trimmer.
  9. Discourage the kids from cranking out big belches, instead of offering token discipline, then snickering to my wife.
  10. Get my wife something SHE wants for Valentine's Day (nothing from VS )
  11. Not over-indulge in the corned beef and cabbage this St. Patrick's day (no comment on the green beer)
  12. Get the oil changed and the tires rotated when I should on my car
  13. Record more of the kids activites using our digital camcorder
  14. Not lecture the kids on how great cartoons were when I was a kid
  15. Stop imitating Lumberg(Office Spaces) all the time. "Hey, Mrs WHW. What's happening?? OOO, yeah. I'm gonna have to sort of disagree with you." Bat, I blame you for this habit.
  16. Save up money for a new computer
  17. Not over-use my airhorn
  18. Start saving for a piano for Mrs. WHW. This may take priority over #16. Not sure, yet.
  19. Buy a DVD copy of the 80's tv series "Police Squad". A six episode classic series. Hey, I have to have at least one gimme on the list.
  20. Take Mrs. WHW to at least one movie that gets more than a 1/2 star rating.
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